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Love at First Sight!

Why wait for someone else to spoil you?! Our Valentine's Day collection is the perfect gift for yourself!

At Emerald + Clay, we pride ourselves on designing and making high-quality, original, handcrafted jewelry. That's why none of our wood jewelry comes from predesigned templates or already produced blanks. Ever.

Instead, we take the time to hand draw all our wood earrings and necklaces. That way, you know you're getting something as unique as you are!

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about emerald+clay

We are Stacy and Justin – a wife+husband team that loves to create! Stacy is a Registered Nurse with a creative side and Justin is a graphic designer. Together, they are the makers and owners at E+C.

At Emerald + Clay, we offer a wide range of original, high-quality, handcrafted jewelry, from leather earrings and cuffs to wood earrings and necklaces, to wood+acrylic earrings.

We take great pride in every piece we create. That’s why we only use the best materials like genuine leather, beautiful hardwoods, and of course, nickel free sterling silver ear wires. Watch out for those surgical stainless steel ear wires that are marketed as "nickel free"...they aren't!

It's impossible not to love jewelry from Emerald + Clay!


Stores and boutiques across the country love carrying our unique, high-quality, handcrafted items! And they REALLY LOVE the fact that we offer them zip code protection!

Do you have a store or boutique where Emerald + Clay would be a perfect fit?! Below is our wholesale application.

We would love to work with you!
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